Obligatory Covid 19 Poem

Listen.  The directionless monoxide retch of engines – quarrelling in sick arteries has quieted.   Listen as animals call from … More


This poem is inspired by a visit to Jodrell Bank Observatory and specifically a sound file of pulsars ‘singing’ on … More

Scene and Not Heard

Mental health issues can cause a number of unexpected side effects. Quite apart from the day-to-day effects of one’s illness, … More

A Psalm of Stone

1. A merlin whiffles and surveys a ditch and bank, grateful  for now open land and prey;   leaving bark … More


Fat land, moss wadded, pushes against my feet, carrying me   to the bridge; held in the scent of warm … More

Dunnet Head

In the tactile quiet, the whine of the nervous system drowns the black sea, north of Dunnet Head. A caged … More

Oil and Algae

“We tramped through narrow dew set paths  lined with gorse, it’s barbed wire limbs waving  warning trophies of rent clothing; … More

Some Thoughts On Nothing

Given the title of my PhD – The Poetry of Nowhere – I needed to define exactly what I meant … More

Nairn Beach

This poem is the first that was written on the first Scottish leg of my voyage around the Shipping Forecast … More

The Perils of Schmoozing.

I’m now in the situation whereby my PhD study involved a lot of travel and meeting people. Schmoozing is a … More

A Conversation with My Therapist 1

I suggested to my therapist that, rather than being agoraphobic, maybe I was just a misanthrope.                 ‘Are you?’ She … More


I saw a TV programme about “flooding” – a psychological technique whereby you are confronted with an overwhelming amount of … More

Cooper-Clarke Ha ha ha

Some days, everything was okay. The house allowed me to get on with life and outside was less threatening. Sometimes … More


Sometimes, on my stronger days, I would sit on the balcony and breathe in the scent of fresh cut grass, … More

A Beginning

I spent my days locked indoors. There was no physical block, instead there were much stronger locks smithed by agoraphobia.  … More

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