“I bet it’s hell in summer” is a blog site that aims to chart my passage from agoraphobic lock-in to travel writer.

The term ‘travel writer’ is open to interpretation, however, as the PhD I’m studying for is in landscape and site-specific poetry. Travelling, therefore, means ‘leaving the house’ rather than yer Bill Bryson globe trotting.

One of the projects that I’m currently working on is a tour of the UK Coast and Shipping Forecast Areas. This particular project is mostly poetic and will be interspersed with academic and anecdotal writing.

I’m managing to do this trip – or rather, these trips – with the aid of my partner who is driving me around the country while I gibber helplessly in the back seat. The idea is to desensitise enough to get me to go on one of these trips on my own.

The project is going well and I’m beginning to get to grips with getting around on my own, but I’m far, far from out of the woods.

Ultimately, The idea is to do a trip around Norway, a dream I’ve had since childhood, but I know that that is a long way off.  

The name, incidentally, is based on my travels. As far as is possible, I travel offseason. As one of my posts mentions, Agoraphobia is a fear of crowded spaces.  I stand on a lot of empty beaches, wrapped in scarves, gloves, hats, coats and hand warmers thinking “This is beautiful… I bet it’s hell in summer…’