The Perils of Schmoozing.

I’m now in the situation whereby my PhD study involved a lot of travel and meeting people. Schmoozing is a big deal when doing a PhD and where there is schmoozing, there are crowds. You see how this might be problematic? I’ve got through my first year without to do much of it and have actively avoided invitations to attend schmooze-a-thons. 

This has to stop.  

I need to do the networking thing. Gaining my doctorate is likely impossible without rubbing shoulders and kissing arses.  

I must bite the bullet. 

I think the difference between an MA and a PhD is largely the amount of butt you have to kiss and even without the agoraphobia playing its part, I’ve never been good at forelock tugging. Respect, I’ve always thought, is a two-way street; a mutual state. Immediate deference isn’t in my nature.  

Naturally, this has done me no favours at all, but at least I have my integrity. 

For the moment, anyway. 

If it’s a choice between integrity and a Doctorate, I really don’t know which way it will swing. 

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